CLT2 takes the measures necessary to protect its software and its clients’ data against third-party attacks and downloads by adopting standard good practices. CLT2 is committed to taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the material protection of data and its programmes.

Collectio uses some of the most advanced security technologies available on the Internet. When you access your price, secure space using your browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using server authentication and data encryption, guaranteeing that your data are secure and available only to the users you have parameterised.

Collectio and your secure space are hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technologies to prevent any unauthorised outside interference or intrusion.

Collectio assigns each user a unique connection ID (alias or login name) and password that must be entered each time you connect. Collectio sends out a connection “cookie” hat records encrypted authentication information during a specific session. The session cookie does not include the user’s name or password.

CLT2 is committed to responding to requests for information sent to it by any registered client, against payment, within a maximum of 15 business days after receiving the request.

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